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Bound volume with color lithograph boards and 34 color lithograph pages of illustrations. The text is an adaptation of W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's comic opera Princess Ida; or, Castle Adamant, reworded to promote the merits of the Chicago &…

"Between the Acts" Cigarette card in blue and buff tones depicting Eva Barrington in her Act III costume a Sacharissa, helmet with finial, in Princess Ida.

Full length photograph of M. Ainsley Scott as Arac, James Earley as Guron, and E. J. Cloney as Scynthius, each in elaborate armor, holding broadswords, on photographer's card mount of Sarony, New York.

Card program for John Stetson's Opera Company production of Princess Ida at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York.

Brown and black illustrated music cover featuring three bearded warriors in armor with broadswords.

Color lithograph card announcing D'Oyly Carte Opera Company touring production of Princess Ida "about to visit your neighbourhood." Cover depicts three young men in court attire scaling a wall.

Full length photograph of George Grossmith bare headed in court dress with large fur collar hands to chest on photographer's card mount of Elliott & Fry, London. Mount is marked "Mr George Grossmith as 'King Gama' Savoy Theatre."

Letter written in pencil to a Mrs Trevor thanking her for her well wishes and describing his illness on the opening night of Princess Ida.

Photograph of two female performers in Princess Ida. Photo is stamped on back "Stage Photo Co., London."
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