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About this Site

Oh Joy Unbounded: A Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan features elements from the David and Anabelle Stone Gilbert and Sullivan Collection. It provides access to the 241 items that were displayed in the physical exhibition of the same name in 2017. The actual collection is much larger. The following passage describing the collection is borrowed from the Exhibition Catalog

Over the past 40 years, the collection has evolved into six collections in one. The first contains Gilbert’s many other dramatic works (alone and with other collaborators), as well as his prose, verse, and comic journalism. The second displays Sullivan’s other music including opera with other librettists, oratorio, incidental music, symphonic and instrumental works, ballads, and church music. Third we have Richard D’Oyly Carte, the other operas he produced (both in London and on tour), and his Savoy Theatre. Fourth shows Richard D'Oyly Carte's Company he launched that carried the Gilbert & Sullivan banner for over a hundred years. Finally, there is the fourteen operas that Gilbert and Sullivan wrote together over their 25-year collaboration. This is separated into the two final collections with their operas in Europe and then in America. The impact of Gilbert and Sullivan comparable to today you would have to combine the artistic forces of Broadway, Saturday Night Live, the Metropolitan Opera, and maybe, on the merchandising front, Disney. To be able to introduce our students to these forces, as well as to involve them in performances and exhibitions, is a wonderful opportunity. Just as significantly, our celebrations offer an unparalleled opportunity for all Mason students as well as the broader community to experience the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

This site contains 241 items from the David and Annabelle Stone collection of various Gilbert and Sullivan materials, along with descriptive metadata.