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Using this Site

Oh Joy Unbounded: A Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan is a scholarly portal built using the Omeka content management system. The site permits a user to view materials contained in the David and Annabelle Stone Gilbert and Sullivan Collection, along with descriptive and contextual information about Gilbert and Sullivan and thier works. Also this site provides access to the Exhibition Catalog, which provides details about the physical exhibit created and displayed during the spring of 2017.

Navigation of this site is afforded by the sidebar on the left-hand side of each page. These navigation headings provide access to the many features of this site. They are as follows:

  • Browse Exhibits - following this link will take a user to multi-item digital exhibitions of the materials which duplicate the sections of the original physical exhibition. 
  • Introduction - pages accessed from this link provide information describing the original exhibition and containing commentary on the occasion by individuals connected with the original exhibition. 
  • About this Site - directs the user to information detailing how the site was built, how it is used, and the individuals responsible for its creation.
  • Browse Collections - gives information on the discrete collection of 241 items that make up this site.
  • Browse Items - displays a list of the 241 items and Exhibition Catalog contained in this site. Clicking on any item in the list will take the user to a page containing descriptive metadata about the item and a thumbnail linked to an image of that item.
  • Map Displaying Geographic Location of Select Items - points users to a Google Maps interactive map with pins representing select items and their locations. 

Oh Joy Unbounded: A Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan contains 241 exhibit items and the Exhibition Catalog.

Each item page displays descriptive metadata created by librarians from the George Mason University Libraries, along with a square thumbnail image that links to a larger full view of the original item. At the bottom of the item page is a "zoomifier" tool which permits zooming of the image by either mouse-clicking on the "plus sign" or "minus sign" buttons (+ or -) or scrolling with a mouse scroll wheel up or down over an image. "Previous Item" and "Next Item" arrows at the bottom of each page allow a user to view the previous or next item in the list.  

The site can be searched by keyword by entering a search term in the search box on the navigation sidebar.