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Large color lithograph poster for The Mikado featuring portraits of W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, plus five vignettes of characters and scenes from the opera: Three Little Maids from School, Ko-Ko, Nanki-Poo, The High Executioner, The Mikado. …

Color lithograph cartoon on front cover of Puck featuring Samuel J. Tilden as Reginal Bunthorne holding a sunflower labeled "1884," and the Democratic Party of the United States as twenty love-sick maidens from Gilbert & Sullivan's aesthetic opera…

Playbill for Tony Pastor's burlesque The Pie-Rats of Penn Yann, a burlesque of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance, at Tony Pastor's Theatre, New York. Playbill includes both cast of characters and a synopsis of incidents, with sample…

Double page lithograph cartoon in green and orange tones, featuring Ulysses Grant as Captain of the "Third Term Pinafore," surrounded by other politicians in Pinafore costumes. Ten-line verse beneath Grant beginning "I was so good a General that I…

Black and white lithograph poster featuring ten separate images of characters from H.M.S. Pinafore. Top row: Captain Corcoran, Hebe, Bill Bobstay, Sir Joseph Porter, Josephine; bottom row: seven female relatives, Ralph Rackstraw, Little Buttercup,…

Hand colored lithograph of scene on board H.M.S. Pinafore. Captain and sailors look on as a bucket of tar has spilled on woman's dress. Caption reads "The Merry Merry Maiden and the Tar," a parody of a lyric from the opera.

Black and white lithograph print, "Juvenile Pinafore" at top, scene from children's H.M.S. Pinafore at bottom, Little Buttercup front and center, smaller vignettes in upper corners.

Full color lithograph poster for "The Rising Sun" stove polish, depicting Lillian Russell as Aline in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Sorcerer, in elaborate sleeveless dress with small white flowers in hair and star-shaped pendant, elbow resting on wall.

Inner cigar box label for "Opera Kings" cigars, design in gold and sepia, featuring large sepia images of Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert in the center. This is a salesman's sample with ordering details at the bottom.

Small box with color lithographed cover for Little Buttercup's Toy Clothes-Pin. Cover features child actress in bonnet with basket. Several wooden clothes-pins in box.
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