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Full color lithograph poster for "The Rising Sun" stove polish, depicting Lillian Russell as Aline in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Sorcerer, in elaborate sleeveless dress with small white flowers in hair and star-shaped pendant, elbow resting on wall.

Outer cigar box label for "Original Mikado" cigars, design in full color, with "Original Mikado" at top, the title character from the opera The Mikado front and center surrounded by Japanese artifacts.

Inner cigar box label for "Patience" cigars, design in full color, featuring two vignettes from Patience. On the left in an oval is the milkmaid Patience, her left elbow resting on her milk pail, in the upper right is the poets Bunthorne, surrounded…

Outer cigar box label for "Pinafore" cigars, design in blue and beige, with "Pinafore" in banner at top, scene from H.M.S. Pinafore beneath with Josephine, Ralph Rackstraw, Tom Tucker in foreground.

Inner cigar box label for "Opera Kings" cigars, design in gold and sepia, featuring large sepia images of Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert in the center. This is a salesman's sample with ordering details at the bottom.

Lithograph trade card in green and beige tones lady dancing with Old Adam, captioned "Hail the bridegroom--Hail the bride!". "Ruddygore" upper left. Ad for New England Organ Co. entered below.

Color lithograph card depicting hand holding "The Mikado" Lamp Stove and three male Japanese characters. "This Stove is dedicated to his Majesty the 'Mikado' Grand Dictator of the Realm of Japan who is on our list."

Lithograph trade card in blue and beige tones depicting railway conductor greeting lady on platform, train in background. Adapted Patience lyric upper left: "Conceive him if you can. An Erie R.R. young man…."

Color lithograph card depicting nine characters from H.M.S. Pinafore on shipboard with two huge spools of cotton thread. The Captain, center, asserts that he never "used anything equal to Willimantic six cord spool cotton."

Four trade cards depicting characters from Patience and quotes from the opera: Bunthorne ("In a rapt ecstatic way"), Jane ("I am soulfully intense), Grosvenor ("A very daisy") and Saphir (How earnestly precious"). Each has overprint in advertising…
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