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Folding stick fan, with scene from H.M.S. Pinafore printed on gold background. Fourteen black sticks, the center twelve with pierced design. Design features Captain Corcoran, Sir Joseph Porter, Josephine, Ralph Rackstraw, and Dick Deadeye in…

Small ink drawing of seated man in ruff collar reading a book, signed "Bab." The drawing was used to illustrate the song "A man who would woo a fair maid," from The Yeomen of the Guard, which appeared on page 75 of Songs of a Savoyard.

Bound volume with color lithograph boards and 34 color lithograph pages of illustrations. The text is an adaptation of W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's comic opera Princess Ida; or, Castle Adamant, reworded to promote the merits of the Chicago &…

Double page lithograph cartoon in green and orange tones, featuring Ulysses Grant as Captain of the "Third Term Pinafore," surrounded by other politicians in Pinafore costumes. Ten-line verse beneath Grant beginning "I was so good a General that I…

Souvenir program for W. S. Gilbert's original domestic pantomime in two acts Harlequin and the Fairy's Dilemma and his "tragic episode, in three tabloids" Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. This was a single benefit performance at the Garrick Theatre,…

Sheet music of song from The Mikado with English and Japanese lyrics. Cover depicts Louise Paullin as Yum-Yum seated and playing stringed instrument.

Double page color lithograph cartoon featuring caricatures of members of the National Trotting Association as characters in The Mikado. From The Horseman.


Color lithograph cartoon on front cover of Puck featuring Samuel J. Tilden as Reginal Bunthorne holding a sunflower labeled "1884," and the Democratic Party of the United States as twenty love-sick maidens from Gilbert & Sullivan's aesthetic opera…

Bisque figurine of three women in (from left to right: pink, white, and blue) kimonos holding closed fans near their faces. Based on photograph of members of D'Oyly Carte Opera Company's original New York cast of The Mikado.

Sheet music with illustrated cover in black and white featuring illustration of Phoebe Meryll removing ring of keys from the jailer Wilfrid Shadbolt.
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