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Autograph letter urging the Mendelsohn Scholarship Committee to extent Arthur Sullivan's grant for a third year of study at Leipzig.

Autograph album owned by pianist Diana Ashton with inscriptions by fellow students at Leipzig Conservatoire. It contains a page inscribed by Arthur Sullivan with an autograph musical quote from his own string quartet, "A Romance."

Autograph letter regarding arrangements for the upcoming performance of Sullivan’s music for Shakespeare’s The Tempest at the Crystal Palace, London.

Piano score of Arthur Sullivan's incidental music to Shakespeare's The Tempest, arranged for four hands.

Conductor's score for Arthur Sullivan's Overture di Ballo, for full orchestra.

Portrait photograph of Arthur Sullivan, on photographer's card mount by Topley, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, autographed below the image "Arthur Sullivan 1880."

Collection of eleven songs in elaborate bound volume with text by Alfred Tennyson, music by Arthur Sullivan.

Autograph manuscript full score of On Shore and Sea, dramatic cantata for large orchestra, soloists and chorus. The manuscript is displayed open to a portion of the opening chorus "The Windlass ply."

Portrait photograph of Arthur Sullivan, on photographer's card mount by Elliott & Fry, London

Portrait photograph of Tom Taylor, on photographer's card mount by John & Charles Watkins, London
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